Mike’s Deli was created by two bozos living in moral squalor somewhere in downtown Los Angeles. After a few long nights of enlightening conversations about the Wu Tang Clan, juvenile hall, Harmony Korine movies, and a pile of kush; Mike’s Deli was spawned.


To be honest, there’s just too much garbage clothing out in the world. Who wants to wear a t-shirt that feels like a crusty dish towel? Mike’s Deli Brand is perverse, defiant, and downright shameless. Based on the idea that if you eat enough Adderall to kill an eighth grader, your clothing will be on point. We are gung-ho about high quality fabrics, a rigorous attention to detail, and an unequivocal point of view.


 If you’re anything like us, you’re probably used to being called “a bad influence”. So what if you are A BAD INFLUENCE. You could always be worse.  At Mike’s Deli we encourage you to do just that; irreverence is king. So, keep up the good work, life’s too short to be polite.